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Forms for Office 365

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Select multiple values at once in multiple lookup control

Hi, On the new responsive form, when we use a control lookup with multi value enabled, it would be good to: Be able to select multiple values at once, in a multiple lookup control. for exemple, be able to use "ctrl + A" to select all values
Nicolas 6 months ago in Forms for Office 365 0

Nintex Forms for Office 365 - Validation on Save

We need the flexibility in making validation rules on save as well, a lot of issues we have is allowing users the ability to save a form and continue it later, the problem comes in when they click submit and it triggers our workflows. We don't wan...
Brandi Woodson 2 months ago in Designer 0

Copy controls from one page to another

Most multi-page forms have some common header fields at the top of every form, and those fields often are in a group. It would be useful if controls could be copied from one page to another.
Laura Stein 6 months ago in Designer 0

Redirection for Task Form Close Button from Top Left Corner

I have designed Flexi Task Form ( Classic Form) in the Nintex Office 365 workflow & Nintex forms. The task form have a Close button in the top left bar. If i clicked on that "Close" button then it is randomly redirecting to some page. It sh...
Guest about 1 year ago in Designer 1

Fixed field position option

Please provide a field option to fix its position on the form so when a field to the left of the field in question is hidden by a display rule the fields to the right do not shift left to fill the vacant space. Really annoying if you create a nice...
Russ Hancock about 1 year ago in Designer 0 Not Planned

List Lookups do not change the URL when importing to another site

When importing a Form to another site e.g. from Dev to Prod all fields that include a lookup still include the old URL where the Form was exported from. This generates extra effort when you want to use different Sites for Dev and Prod and also gen...
Guest about 1 year ago in Other 0 Not Planned

Idle session time out error is not intuitive to end users

If Nintex new responsive forms on O365 is idle for a long time, the session times out in the background. However after the user has filled all the fields in the form and he hits Submit button, the alert appears "Unable to Save. Object reference no...
Shadab 4 months ago in Form Filling Experience 0

ReadOnly -- Form and Group

Setting the entire form, or group to READONLY. Currently, I have 2 options: [1] set each field readonly -- field by field -- in the Rules section. To be fair, I can include upto 15 fields, and then copy the rule to cover the rest of the 100+ fiel...
Guest over 1 year ago in Designer 0

Increase list lookup limitation

Can you increase the list lookup (& data lookup in NWC) limitation from 5,000 to up to 20,000 items? I am not able to utilize the list lookup to connect to important data from our ERP system due to the 5,000 items limitation.
Guest over 1 year ago in Form Filling Experience 0 Not Planned

Add submit button on every page of a multipage form

We use multipage forms to break up long lists into manageable chunks and often different users are responsible for the content in different pages within the form. Users are frustrated that they complete "their" page but then they have to navigate ...
Guest 9 months ago in Other 0