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Signing Experience

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Export AssureSign Document when sign finished with thai font in text box.

When I completed sign with input thai font and Export Document, the thai font is ???? i need to preview thai font with completly font. thank you !

We would like the ability to customize the "By selecting start signing" statement in the signing experience.

Our legal team would like to add language to the statement while also keeping the popup link to "terms and conditions".

Allow MDM to preconfigure the NWC URL

No description provided

Allow customizations on default text content on AssureSign pages

Need a way to customize the highlighted text in the attached screen shots on AssureSign pages?

Allow customization of the SMS messages that go out for esignature

Allow customization of the SMS messages that go out for esignature.

Mobile Application

Before the merge of AssureSign & Nintex, AssureSign had a mobile application that was useful for mobile e-signing. Several clients have expressed the usefulness of having access to a mobile application. AssureSign is one of the larger e-sign c...

Release Notes should be more in-depth

Every time there is an update to AssureSign, the Nintex AssureSign Status page ( says to refer to the Release Notes page for details ( However,...
Jenna Jentges over 1 year ago in Nintex eSign (formerly Nintex AssureSign) / Signing Experience 2 Planned

Clarify the digital signature terms and agreement step. I though i was agreeing to the form with out having seen it.

Several people tested the form and had the same impression that i had. on the first page where you check the box to agree to the terms and services. I thought I was agreeing to the full form for which i had not seen or read yet. It was confusing, ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Nintex eSign (formerly Nintex AssureSign) / Signing Experience 0 Open for voting

Allow subsequent signers to see attachments added by prior signers.

When a signer adds an attachment, the system currently does not provide a way for subsequent signers to see that attachment. Creating this functionality would eliminate the need for sending multiple envelopes in a process that requires review of a...
Guest about 2 years ago in Nintex eSign (formerly Nintex AssureSign) / Signing Experience 0 Under Review