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Process Variations

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Better decision points

Hi - is it possible to change how decision points work so that both yes and no actions (when complete) can join on to the same path? It is very common in process mapping tools for this to be the case. In the attached file, action 3.0 could connect...
Guest about 2 years ago in Process Variations 3 Open for voting

Process review notifications

Currently, with Explicit Process Review turned on, we are notified that there is a process that needs to be reviewed. A notification is added to the dashboard prompting action. When the review is attempted an error is generated because the review ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Process Variations 3 Under Review

Enable adding parallel activities in process variation

I would like to be able to add tasks in parallel in a process version. I can't do this and I can't change in the standard process either once I created variations. The point here is to make sense of the process with tasks that start and are carri...
Guest over 3 years ago in Process Variations 8 Started

a way to Merge duplicative process maps

we are finding that our users are creating a lot of similar processes in Promapp that are really just variations of a single process flow, and would like to be able to have promasters be able to select multiple processes to combine together. Once ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Process Variations 3 Open for voting

Enable the copy functionality for both standard processes as well as variants.

Would be useful to enable the copy of variations of a process same as for standard as currently if aiming to replicate a variant , one needs to start by copying a standard and the recreating the variation within. Thank you.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Process Variations 3 Open for voting

integrate translate tools

We use variations by country. As we try to roll out Promapp at an enterprise level our international partners need to create and review maps in other languages. Is there a way to integrate even a basic Google Translate type tool to make this possi...
LB 8 months ago in Process Variations 0 Open for voting

Process Changes not Yet Viewed by User report

Hi, I generate the Process Changes not Yet Viewed by User report every month to monitor compliance within the business. I have just found out that Nintex has changed the report and now it can only be generated for one role at a time, not for all r...
Guest about 2 years ago in Process Variations 2 Open for voting

Change the display of process names for linked processes with variations

Currently when a Process Variation is linked into another process only the name of the process is shown without the variation title (refer to Nintex Support Case #00328577). Suggestion: display the Process Name and the Variation Title e.g. Book Tr...
Gary Tibble almost 3 years ago in Process Variations 1 Planned

Restore historical versions of Standard/Variations

It would be helpful if we could be able to restore historical versions of Standard maps as well as the variations from the change log. At the moment we can only revert back to previous releases on stand alone maps.
Elizabeth Keenan almost 2 years ago in Process Variations 1 Planned

Enable process variations to be saved in different groups

I need to put variations of a process into different groups relevant to the appropriate business unit / country.  Please can there be a work around or improvement on this? Many thanks Michelle
Michelle over 2 years ago in Process Variations 1 Open for voting