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Retrieve workflow NWC Forms variables and values

Retrieve workflow NWC Forms variables and values via API (OData) from custom connector, returning the result as a single JSON object
Guest over 5 years ago in Xtensions 3 Not Planned

Support non-OK status-code in xtensions

Currently if a xtension responds with a code other than 2xx the call is considered to be a failure. However many APIs legitimately return a status-code other than 2xx. For example if you query a service and no results are found, many APIs return ...
Guest about 4 years ago in Xtensions 0 Under Review

OpenAPI V3 Support

Xtensions currently supports OpenAPI V2. I'm logging this item to see how interested people are in the support for OpenAPI V3.
Guest 9 months ago in Xtensions 1 Open for voting

Google Sheets API - Collection Inside a collection

I was working with Google Sheets API and found that I am not to get some actions to work such as append values. After further investigation, it appears that I need the format to be a collection inside a collection. [[A,B,C],[D,E,F]] I tested ...
Marc Bueno about 3 years ago in Xtensions 4 Completed

Add support for Excel as a data source in OneDrive via graph API

Add support for the OneDrive document interaction graph API, specifically for excel documents as an option to add support for excel as a data source. currently the only options are to use a 3rd party service to convert to a json at cost or use goo...
Guest over 1 year ago in Xtensions 0 Open for voting

import workflows with missing custom actions

ref:_00D90q6Cb._5002v2sALNR:ref If a workflow contains a custom action from another environment, and then the workflow is imported into another environment, without that custom action. The import will fail. Please implement a mechanism to cope wit...
Guest over 2 years ago in Xtensions 2 Under Review

Highlight custom actions in need of refresh after update

When an Xtension is updated, the only way to refresh the actions within the workflows (as per the documentation) is to delete them, drag a new copy and reconfigure.We get that this is needed for not breaking existing workflows, but what is sorely ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Xtensions 1 Open for voting

Create Object Variables in designer and from the Form

It would be good if that would be possible. Especially in relation to to Xtensions. You could group a set variables to an object in WF designer or form designer. Also, you could create arrays of complex types then. If an API requires an array of o...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Xtensions 0 Under Review

Data Source Limits

There needs to be a workaround for tasks in NAC that pass SharePoint list data through. Because the data is static (pulled from the start event form) it was suggested we create a data source for the list and pass the data through that was to the t...
Brandi Woodson about 2 months ago in Xtensions 0