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Created by Jenna Jentges
Created on Jun 16, 2023

Require Signers To See Terms And Conditions Before Accepting Them

I am attaching screenshots comparing the old Terms and Conditions page to the new one, where the old screenshot is from August 2022, before AssureSign revamped the signing experience for user friendliness. In the new experience (as of February 2023), if a signer wants to view the terms and conditions, they have to click the "terms and conditions" link to make a pop-up appear that shows the terms and conditions, then they can close that window and click the "Start signing" button. However, the signer can also click the "Start signing" button without ever looking at the terms and conditions. This is a concern because many signers do not realize the "terms and conditions" text is a clickable link that will bring up the terms and conditions if they click it. Therefore, many signers are agreeing to terms and conditions they are not aware of.

I would like a setting added at the account-level that would display the terms and conditions on the first signing screen like the old AssureSign experience did. Or the setting could require each signer to open the terms and conditions window before the "Start signing" button is clickable. Or the setting could require the user to click a checkbox, acknowledging they read the terms and conditions before the "Start signing" button is clickable. Any of these options would make the signing experience closer to the old signing experience, where we are more certain the signer has seen the terms and conditions before they start signing. The old experience had the terms and conditions always visible (no need to click a link to get a pop-up), and the user had to click the checkbox before the "Start Signing" button would be clickable.

The setting should have the typical "Yes" or "No" toggle, so if anyone does NOT want to force users to acknowledge the terms and conditions before continuing in the new signing experience, they would get the same signing experience as it is today.

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