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Status Open for voting
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Jordan Maynor
Created on Mar 28, 2023

Allow Collection Variables in the Run if true action

Add "Is In" and "Is Not In" as operator options to the Run if true action. I.E. allow collection variables to be used with Run if true. Currently, when you're working with collections, there's a lot of unneeded overhead of creating individual boolean variables and using the Check if item exists in collection action to do the sorts of checks that could be done in one step with a simple Is In or Is Not In option.

As a use case/example, I have an onboarding workflow used for creating accounts for new employees. I have a collection that is populated with the list of accounts that they need. Currently, I need to create a boolean variable for every account type and the value is set for each of them using a large number of Check if item exists in collection actions. Then I use a Run if true to see if the boolean variable for a given account is true, and if so assign a task to have that account be created. If collections were valid choices in the run if true action, it would halve the number of actions needed to achieve the same effect.

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