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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 1, 2023

Webhook Design Templates

While we currently are able to create Email Design sets that will apply a specific set of Email notifications to templates, I believe having that functionality for Webhooks/DocumentTRAK would be extremely beneficial due to using the same webhooks over and over again for templates.

We consistently use the same webhooks that correspond with the following Stages

  • Envelope Start

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3 (for when there are co-signers)

  • Envelope Complete

  • Envelope Expire

  • Envelope Cancel

  • Envelope Decline

Our company's engineering teams use 10 different environments for development testing in addition to the Stage and Production environments in order to ensure our integrations function as intended, and each AssureSign template we create has to have a webhook for each one. Since there are 7-8 stages per template, this means that each template in our sandbox environment must have 70-80 webhooks for the engineers PLUS 7-8 more for the Stage environment.

With the current setup, these must each be added manually for every new template--and, because we must create new templates for each partner we onboard (they all have their own contracts with their own signature/initials requirements, precluding the use of the Nintex Workflow Cloud).

By creating Webhook Design sets, all we would need to do is set the Default Designs for Dev/Stage and another set for Production to add them automatically!

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