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Status Planned
Categories General
Created by Guest
Created on May 18, 2020

Process Methodology Checker

I would like to request the ability to add a 'process methodology' checker in the process approval workflow, specifically before the process reaches the process owner/expert for approval.

Usually this is done by the publisher (or Promaster) but we've found that often the methodology requires more work than the process content (as in our case, it’s the Process Expert that are documenting and submitting the processes) so the approval workflow becomes:
1. Expert documents/edits process
2. Expert submits for approval
3. Owner approves
4. Promaster declines and provides feedback on methodology (repeat steps 1-4 until process is ready to be published)

We found that when this happens (which is quite normal especially for the Expert's first few processes), the Process Owner constantly gets approval emails for the same process which to them, they have already approved (as there are no issues with Process Content).

One way to add this process methodology checker ability could be to add a new type of stakeholder (apart from Process Editor, Process Approver, etc), you could (a.) add a Process Certifier and the workflow will go to the certifier first if there's a user added (if there are no users added, then the approval process is the same as the current one), see below for more details.

Alternatively you could add a setting in Promapp > Admin which if turned on it can either, (b.) swap the order of approval between Promaster and Owner/Expert OR (c.) require Promaster to approve the process before and after owner/expert’s approval.

a.) [Process Certifier Approval] > [Expert/Owner Approval] > [Published by Promaster]

b.) [Promaster Approval] > [Expert/Owner Approval] > [Published Automatically]

c.) [Promaster Approval] > [Expert/Owner Approval] > [Published by Promaster]
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  • Kerry Hiki
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thanks for the suggestion.

    We do have a feature planned - Sequential Approvals - which would satisfy your needs. The approval stakeholders will be able to be ordered how you like e.g. Expert > Group Approvers > Process Approvers > Owner.

    We don't have a time frame right now but it is on our roadmap.