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Status Not Planned
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 28, 2018

Search instance details for text.

I'd like to be able to search through instance details for text. If I have 50 workflows kick off on a Box - New File upload start event (All with the same workflow name), and I want to find a specific one, it's currently impossible without just opening each one. If I log the filename or such, and I could search for the correct instance, that would be super useful. Thank you.
    Sep 7, 2022
    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the suggestion - I'll add it to our backlog for consideration.

    Just to confirm, are you using the "Log to instance details" action to log the File name (or other data)?

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  • Admin
    Kate Huynh
    Aug 21, 2023

    Thank you for your feature request. We appreciate your input and understand the value this capability could bring. However, at this time, we will not be adding it to our near-term roadmap due to other higher priority items. Nonetheless, we want to assure you that your idea will remain open for voting. We highly encourage you and other users to continue voting for this feature, as we regularly review our backlog based on user feedback. Your engagement and suggestions greatly influence our product development.

    In the mean time, could you utilise this feature:, to set the name of the instances to the file name?

    Thank you again