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Status Planned
Categories Form Designer
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 22, 2021

SQL Request Control for NWC Forms and Workflows

In Nintex for SharePoint On-Prem versions, there was a Form SQL Request control. This control allowed you to query a table or view, and to Execute a SQL query, or run a stored procedure. If you selected a Query type of SQL, you were presented with a place to write your own SQL query.

In NWC, when creating a data source, there is no option to execute a SQL query or stored procedure.

For the NWC form designer, there is no control that allows you to Write or Execute a SQL query.

And in the NWC workflow designer, none of the MS SQL Server On-Prem controls allow you to write a SQL query.

The Execute a Query control is not available in SQL Server On-Prem,

On both the NWC form designer and the workflow designer, it would be beneficial to have the ability to write executable SQL code, that allows us to use Aliases, Joins (Inner, Outer, Left, Right, Self), Union, Group by, Order by, Having, Count, Min, Max, Sum, Wildcards, Select Distinct, etc.

Currently only the workflow MS SQL Server > Execute a query control has that ability. Can that functionality be added to the On-Prem SQL controls, and/or to a Form control, or Data Source?
    Sep 7, 2022
    Azure SQL actions that are the same as our On-Premises SQL actions are planned to be released later this year.
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