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Status Open for voting
Categories Connectors
Created by Brady
Created on Feb 10, 2022

SmartSheet Actions Should Allow Use of Hidden Columns

When using the Add a Row or Update a Row actions, the only available cells to change are the ones that are visible within SmartSheet. Hidden columns are not available within NWC to use. We have some situations where there may be hidden columns (columns the SS user doesn't need to see), that we need to update via NWC. Currently, we can't do this since NWC doesn't populate those columns.

As an example, I have a SmartSheet grid that has a column for the Workflow Instance ID of the workflow that added/updated the row of the sheet. The end user doesn't need to see this information, so I have the column hidden to not clog up there workspace. Once that column is hidden, it no longer shows up with NWC's Add/Update a Row actions.

This leads to very confusing results when columns are hidden AFTER a workflow action has been configured. The action may be configured to set a column value, but if you click on the action it won't show because the column is hidden - leading you to assume the action isn't doing something when it actually is.

Please allow the Add/Update a Row actions to display all cells, not just the visible ones.
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