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When Searching Systems, return all results including tags.

When searching for a system, return any additional systems in the Tags column. For example, if I search "EPP" which is listed as a tag, the system would pull up the system of Eletronic Payment Process, as well.
Shanya Stansbery 12 months ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 0 Open for voting

Ability to assign a role as an owner or expert rather than a specific person

No description provided
Guest almost 3 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 3 Open for voting

Select multiple values at once in multiple lookup control

Hi, On the new responsive form, when we use a control lookup with multi value enabled, it would be good to: Be able to select multiple values at once, in a multiple lookup control. for exemple, be able to use "ctrl + A" to select all values
Nicolas 12 months ago in Nintex for Office 365 / Forms for Office 365 1 Not Planned

Import/Upload Media More Seamlessly

It would be great is we could drag and drop media into procedures while in 'edit' mode. Currently have to navigate to the attachment form and select files individually.
Guest over 2 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / Documents 1 Open for voting

Allow for Drop and Drag to reorder Performance Metrics & Targets

I specifically would like to add Performance Metrics and Targets and then be able to reorder them in the order preferred without having to add them manually in a certain order to show that way in the system. A drop and drag feature similar to acti...
Jamie Nenahlo 12 months ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) 0 Open for voting

File variable support in Nintex Gateway for SQL On-premises

The Nintex gateway has been updated to include support for SQL On-premises. There is a current data type limitation where file variables in a NWC workflow are not supported to binary, image, varbinary datatype fields.It would be great to be able t...
Gavin Adams almost 2 years ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Connectors 1 Under Review

Azure AD groups selectable

Within NAC you can create a Azure AD connection But when we use this connection within a form with the "people" form control we only can retrieve users. When we use the connection within data sources then we can only filter users. There are reason...
Martijn de Bont 8 months ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Other 2 Open for voting

More detail in 'Process Approval Workflow Status'

The 'Process Approval Workflow Status' report currently provides a published/unpublished status for processes. It would be helpful if this report could include more detail of the exact stage of approval that the process is in, rather than 'unpubli...
Guest over 3 years ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 3 Open for voting

Separate Failed and Terminated in Reports

The workflow instances report includes a column for "unsuccessful instances". This includes workflows that that failed or were terminated. This information should be broken out into two different values since there is a workflow action to terminat...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Nintex Insights 0 Open for voting

Improved Filtering on NWC

When filtering through instances it would be helpful to filter based on workflow (ability to include or exclude) or through an instance name containing x. Would also help if you could save a filtering list view so you almost have a report
Guest 8 months ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) 0 Under Review