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One click method to refresh site/list contents.

Currently it is very difficult to access any new lists or new fields within existing lists IF the workflow is has already been created.Support suggested changing the connected site, highlighting a different action, then re-establish the original d...
Russ Hancock 9 months ago in Connectors 0 Under Review

Data Source Connector - SharePoint On-Premises

There is a workflow connector in NWC for SharePoint On-Premises. However, this connector is unavailable for use when creating a data source. It would be great to have the ability to query a SharePoint Server list from an NWC form. The SharePoint O...
Tyler 9 months ago in Connectors 2 Open for voting

Include account name for CONNECTIONS

Within the CONNECTIONS section, there is no way to see the account name being used - in order to validate/verify permissions for a resource. Eg. we need to add permissions for the 'service account' or whichever account - for a SharePoint site. Is ...
Guest 9 months ago in Connectors 0 Open for voting

NWC API Actions

It would be great to have a set of actions that expoes the NWC API. This would allow for a repeat workflow to get a list of all workflows, or perhaps if it's ever added, automated user provisioning (e.g. add user to NWC, add user(s) to group(s)).
Guest over 2 years ago in Connectors 0 Completed

Retrieve an item action in NWC does not return People Display name

Currently using Retrieve an item for SharePoint in NWC, when the list column is People, it only available to return Peopel ID and email and there is no option to return Display name. We would like to have additional option to return display name.
Elisabeth over 4 years ago in Connectors 0 Completed

file operation

When can we be at the stage where you can download a file from one connector (i.e. box), upload that file to (say dorpbox), read content, perform update, and update file to a drive?
Guest over 6 years ago in Connectors 3 Completed

Allow one NWC Workflow link to more than one SharePoint site

So I am inside a larger organisation where we have regular use of specific workflows and it would be really handy to reduce our smaller workflows with less than 5 actions by having a single workflow pointed to by a button press or regular check. T...
Tim Desmond 10 months ago in Connectors 0

Microsoft Graph Integration - Connector / Directory / Actions Using MS Graph, it may make it possible for some customers, to get directory hierarchy information for approvals, profile data and multiple other possibilities in the MS Stack.
Dan Stoll over 6 years ago in Connectors 2 Not Planned

SharePoint Connector for Office 365

SharePoint Connector for Office 365
Guest over 6 years ago in Connectors 2 Completed

MSSQL use Nintex Gateway

MSSQL Connector should be modified to use a nintex gateway and be able to access named instances and use domain accounts (similar to Sharepoint-OnPrem) rather than exposing the MSSQL Database Server to the internet as required currently. This may ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Connectors 0 Completed