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Form Designer

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Improve UX for repeating section

The repeating section UX has a lot of unused space and looks out of place in an otherwise streamlined UX. It would be ideal if the controls within the section were a little smaller to allow the delete icon to go next to the other controls rather t...

Nintex Forms field description to support URLs.

Had a number of instances where a Field description (or Place holder) definition, would be very useful if it supported URL's... Use case1: click here for more information on the values presented. Use case2: click here for help completing this field.

People picker to display available members of the assigned SPO group.

Where a people picker field is associated to a specific SharePoint Members Group, the field should have the capacity to provide a drop down of the members to select from. Currently, a user completing the form has to guess who is within that group ...

To fix preview of task forms, add an interface to allow developers to fake workflow variables

Right now, if you use a workflow variable to filter data lookups or to determine visibility of fields/requirement of fields, you break your preview. This can be a significant hamper when defining logic - it means we have to work with unfiltered va...

Table data variable - sort by more than Created Date and Modified Date

In order to use Nintex Table Data as a source for Nintex choice control options, we would want to be able to sort by the column that will be chosen as the Option label.

Add else if in Form Rules

For example, I have below requirement: If Text = A, then Number = 1 Else if Text = B. then Number = 2 Else Number = 3 In currently version, form rules only have if - else, I need to create a rule for "if text = A", a rule for "if text = B", a rule...
Guest 28 days ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Form Designer 1 Open for voting

Add a Group of controls on task forms

I wanted to be able to place an entire group & all of its controls within it, into the task forms. In the start form I have a simple group with 4 controls in it. It has a border, header, background and divider line. I want to be able to place ...

Draw Canvas on forms

It would be great to have a drawing control for forms. I have a potential customer who wants to be able to draw parts of his site to show positioning etc. of the fences they erect. Photos is not enough. They currently draw the fences and add measu...

Embed PDF, Word file into form

Allow embedding PDF, Word docs files as page for page layout, and allow overlaying fields as needed, even with auto alignment creation.--Random example--Embed this pretend "pdf" attachment into background of form, and overlay fields for the Surnam...
Leif Mckay about 1 month ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Form Designer 2 Open for voting

Allow for more than one text mask format

Occasionally I encounter the need to use a text mask input validation in a Text - short field but with more than one possible format. For example, I have a field for entering a Social Security number or Tax ID number (SSN/TIN). Of course, SSNs are...