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Categories SmartForms
Created by Nicolaas Swart
Created on Apr 1, 2024

Display the Last ModifiedDate and ModifiedBy in a SmartForm?

Currently, there is not an out-of-the-box SmartObject that can display the last ModifiedDate and ModifiedBy in Smartforms. For example, we have this in a system smartobject for Designer: SmartObject Explorer\System\Management\Forms\SmartObjects\com_K2_System_Management_SmartObject_ManagementFormInfo

However, it would require a copy to be made to expose the data on Form/Views.

This is currently not supported and if there is any update to the SMO it would break the customers solution.

The requirement is an Out-of-the-box SMO that can be executed to see details for last ModifiedDate and ModifiedBy.

This requirement is necessary for the customer as they need to constantly keep their Policies in government updated for legal purposes in internal departments. Having the date and person responsible for the form is a great way for them to achieve this goal.

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