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Categories SmartForms
Created by G Andrews
Created on Mar 8, 2023

View all rules dependent on a control or expression

Being able to visualize all rule dependencies when selecting a control or expression could greatly improve maintainability of smart forms. Having to drill into each rule and then into many statements within the rule to find dependencies can be a bit onerous when a smart form has many rules. When utilizing data labels to store values, they are often used in many different rules, which currently is challenging to see. Anything that can be done to improve comprehension of how a smart form works through better visual representation should be considered, since K2 smart forms with complex behaviors can be difficult to understand without substantial reverse engineering effort, which somewhat defeats the purpose of a low code development environment.

The rule dependencies could be represented as a hyperlinked list of rules to allow fast access to each rule listed. It would be even better if the dependent rules could highlight the statements referencing the selected control/expression, so that there is no drill-down required to find what statements utilize the selected control or expression.

It also may worth considering adding a control dependency pane to the rule editor form to improve the whole rule creation experience.

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