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Status Open for voting
Created by Brady
Created on Jan 9, 2023

Greater support for file variables

We have a component workflow that is able to take a collection of files along with a regular expression, and use that regular expression to find a specific file in the collection. This is extremely helpful in situations where we need a file that we know the name of,but don't know which index in the collection the file is. The component workflow then puts the found file into its own collection and is available as an output variable to the workflow that called it.

This component workflow takes advantage of how collections/files are managed behind the scenes, but this isn't well documented. I'm fearful that this functionality may change at some point, breaking the component workflow that is heavily used in a number of workflows.

Please update Nintex Automation Cloud to natively support the ability to get a specific file from a collection, preferably with the ability to use a regular expression. Also, it would be very helpful if file variables could be passed from workflow to workflow without the need to wrap it in a collection.

Thank you!

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  • Brady
    Mar 27, 2024

    Hi Brandi,

    Just wanted to throw in a comment that this isn't necessarily related to that other idea, other than it deals with a file variables. My request here isn't regarding any task capabilities, it's more about using/accessing specific files through the course of the workflow, as well as passing those files between other component workflows.

  • Brandi Woodson
    Mar 7, 2024

    Please merge this idea with