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Status Open for voting
Created by Guest
Created on May 6, 2020

Support TEXTJOIN function in Excel as Middleware

Support the TEXTJOIN function in Excel so writing formulas is less work. Make work less work....?

Formula using TEXTJOIN:
=TEXTJOIN(β€œ, β€œ,TRUE,I17:I26)

Formula without TEXTJOIN: =IF(L17=β€œβ€,β€œβ€,L17)&IF(L18=β€œβ€,β€œβ€,CONCATENATE(β€œ, β€œ&L18))&IF(L19=β€œβ€,β€œβ€,CONCATENATE(β€œ, β€œ&L19))&IF(L20=β€œβ€,β€œβ€,CONCATENATE(β€œ, β€œ&L20))&IF(L21=β€œβ€,β€œβ€,CONCATENATE(β€œ, β€œ&L21))&IF(L22=β€œβ€,β€œβ€,CONCATENATE(β€œ, β€œ&L22))&IF(L23=β€œβ€,β€œβ€,CONCATENATE(β€œ, β€œ&L23))&IF(L24=β€œβ€,β€œβ€,CONCATENATE(β€œ, β€œ&L24))&IF(L25=β€œβ€,β€œβ€,CONCATENATE(β€œ, β€œ&L25))
    Sep 8, 2022
    We are currently evaluating this for inclusion in our next development cycle. Please share with us how this would improve your experience, and pass this on to other users who might like to vote and comment. Thanks!
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