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Status Not Planned
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 22, 2019

Change description: Ability to amend wording prior to publishing

When a change is submitted for approval, the wording in the change description is locked from that point onwards during the PAW. If the change description wording does not accurately reflect the changes made, the Process Expert/Process Owner/Publisher currently must decline the submission entirely and the submitter has to resubmit the changes with an accurate description. It would be helpful to have the option for roles in the PAW to be able to amend the wording in the change description up until the point of publishing.
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thank you very much for posting your feedback on Change description: Ability to amend wording prior to publishing. At this time, we will not be adding this request to the near-term backlog, as we are focused on improving our search and process variation capabilities and delivering sequential approvals. However, we reevaluate requests every quarter and will reach out if priorities change. Please keep the feedback coming as it is critical for our longer-term planning.
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  • Guest
    Sep 7, 2022
    Hi Zoe, the example would be:
    Process Champion drafts a perfectly written process, but in the change description gets confused about who the audience of the text is and thinks that they are writing a message to the Process Owner/Expert and writes "Hi [Name], please review and approve".
    In this example, the process itself is correct, but we would need to decline the process and send it back for them to resend with a properly worded change description, which could cause user frustration. Worse would be if the Change Description is accurate, but contains a typo and therefore the process is declined over a small detail.
    It would be preferable if the PO/PO or Publisher could add to or amend the Change Description without needing to decline the process.