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Status Not Planned
Categories General
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 14, 2019

Allow for adjusting text size in Procedure/Edit view and other accessibility improvements

For better accessibility access, could a functionality be developed to enlarge text size or zoom into specific areas for Procedure and Edit view?
While users can zoom in and out via Map view, they do not have this ability in Procedure view or edit view. This means users need to use the native zoom function of their web browser, which will also enlarge the navigation and borders reducing the screen real estate.
On the same vein, Nintex Promapp could benefit from other accessibility improvements such as the ability to highlight @Todos in a different colour in the Map, Procedure and Edit view, or the ability to invert colours or contrast for the vision impaired.
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thank you very much for posting your feedback. At this time, we will not be adding this request to the near-term backlog, as we are focused on improving our search and process variation capabilities and delivering sequential approvals. However, we reevaluate requests every quarter and will reach out if priorities change. Please keep the feedback coming as it is critical for our longer-term planning.
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  • Kerry Hiki
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll open this up for voting and monitor interest on adjusting text size.

    Moving forward with all new features we do aim to have them accessible, and work on other areas as we improve them.