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Status Open for voting
Categories Process Variations
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 19, 2021

Better decision points

Hi - is it possible to change how decision points work so that both yes and no actions (when complete) can join on to the same path? It is very common in process mapping tools for this to be the case.

In the attached file, action 3.0 could connect to action 4.0 instead of another "Outputs"

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  • Kerry Hiki
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thanks for the question. This is not possible with the current decision functionality. Depending on the process you can either use Notes to capture exceptions in the process, or use Parallel Activities to show parts of the process that happen at the same time, or could be an either/or scenario.
    For now we'll monitor interest from other clients.
  • Guest
    Sep 7, 2022
    This is important, current functionality is essentially to exit the process.

    Often when a decision is made the answer is not proceed or exit immediately, it will be do XYZ then re-join with the rest of the process.

    Notes don't draw a reader's attention the way a clear decision point can, and parallel activities (whilst a working alternative) also are less clear than a fixed decision point.

    Even if the solution was exit to another process (current functionality) but allow for the end point of a sub-process to rejoin into the main process at a selected activity - that would also be fine.

    Example attached.
  • Guest
    Sep 7, 2022
    I agree that this is important and I have voted for your request / suggestion. I have submitted a request / suggestion as well which summarizes different suggestion for improvements of the decision functionality so that we can capture all votes for improvements in regards to decision in one request / suggestion and hopefully get a higher number of votes that way to improve the changes that these improvements gets implemented.

    therefore, please vote for my request / suggestion as well:

    Thank you very much in advance.