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Status Open for voting
Categories Process Variations
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 17, 2021

Process Changes not Yet Viewed by User report


I generate the Process Changes not Yet Viewed by User report every month to monitor compliance within the business. I have just found out that Nintex has changed the report and now it can only be generated for one role at a time, not for all roles. As a business with 44 roles, this will be a time consuming process. Promapp is meant to assist us in streamlining processes, not create lengthier time consuming processes. I have raised this with the Support team, because initially I thought the report wasn't working for me.

We have been a long-term, reliable, and low maintenance client for Nintex Promapp. As a business we rely on the core functions of Promapp in order to write and publish new processes and documents and monitor compliance. Without compliance monitoring, Promapp as a tool isn’t a complete package for us and is no longer suitable for our business. I doubt that Nintex is only offering Promapp to small businesses with low staff numbers, where selecting one role at a time would be acceptable.

Please reinstate the functionality of the report so that it can be generated for all roles. I can't be the only customer who has raised this issue.

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  • Kerry Hiki
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thanks for the feedback. This change was introduced to address performance issues where the report would timeout for large datasets. For now the report can be filtered by either role, or by process group.

    Allowing reporting across all processes is not in our backlog right now, but we'll open this up for voting to gauge interest from other clients.

    While this item is not in our backlog we are soon starting work on our Process Reporting API which will allow reporting on this metric across all processes in your site without the need to run the reports manually - you will be able to use Excel or PowerBI (any tool that can use an OData feed) and the data will update automatically.
  • Guest
    Sep 7, 2022
    It would be great if you could select multiple roles as part of the filter, filtering role by role is hugely impractical (my organisation as 227 roles / responsibilities).
    I had raised this with my Customer Success Manager as one of reasons we went with Nintex Promapp instead of other palatforms was due to the ability to view and pull reports on engagement, with the view that that the Process Reporting API was comming soon.
    Similar to Natasha, the ability to generate the Changes Not Yet Viewed by User report every month is a critical functional as it enables the ability to generate insights into our organisation and ensure compliance.
    I understand that the change was induced to assist with the timeout errors, however the current workaround isn't working.