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Status Open for voting
Categories General
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 12, 2021

In Overview tab add right click option to Open (a process) In New (browser) Tab

In the Home page, I navigate via the Processes menu > All Processes, then find my way to a folder, and am presented with the Overview tab which lists all processes as tiles.
Right click on a Process, and in the menu that appears the option to “open in new tab” is *not* listed.
Please see the attached file "Screenshot - current functionality.jpg".

The aim is to open processes in separate browser tabs so that they can be more easily reviewed and compared side by side.

This is a common task given that processes link or interrelate, and can even have been duplicated.

The software does not make this easy.

Currently, from the Overview tab, my options are as follows:
- Click into the process, work away, then when finished click the Back button; or
- Click into the process, work away, then when finished use the navigation pane on the left side; or
- Right click on the browser tab and click Duplicate, then click into the process - repeat to show a process in each browser tab. Then pull the browser tabs apart to show them side by side.

Can you please add a right click “open in new tab” option in the Overview tab?
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  • Noala Degasperis
    Sep 7, 2022
    Just a note in case you weren't aware - those right click options are coming from your internet browser program, not from Promapp.
  • Kerry Hiki
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thanks for your feedback. I'll pass this feedback on to our UX team, as this right-click functionality is inconsistent throughout our site. For now we'll leave open this for voting to gauge interest from our other clients.