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Status Not Planned
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 25, 2021

Sorting numbers from smaller to larger, larger to smaller in a collection

Current sort collection does not sort the numbers/integers in smaller to larger or larger to smaller. When I try to sort a collection in my workflow the result after sorting is something like this ["100.0", "112.0", "114.0", "127.0", "135.0", "148.0", "15.0", "40.0", "40.0", "42.0", "42.0", "42.0", "42.0", "42.0", "43.0", "44.0", "44.0", "44.0", "45.0", "45.0", "46.0", "46.0", "47.0", "47.0", "48.0", "52.0", "55.0", "57.0", "99.0"]

I would be great if we can sort the numbers the way we did in Nintex office 365.
    Sep 7, 2022
    Looking at the results, these values are being treated as "strings", and the sorting will behave differently.  Adjust the data query so it is stored as or returns Integers.  The data should appear like: [15.0, 40.0, 100.0, 112.0, 114.0] without the quotes for each value.
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