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Status Already Exists
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Russ Hancock
Created on Apr 26, 2022

Retrieve all comments for multiple users

Using the 'Assign a task to multiple users' action with a complete condition of All must respond, it would be really useful to be able to collect and use the comments of all the users, in one variable.

The returned object does currently include the comment and the user, but the format of the response does not look easy to parse to something useable.

Support Ticket confirmed this is not possible
    Sep 7, 2022
    Hi Russ,

    We have existing methods to traverse through the Task response data, or collection variables.

    1. Loop for each action is used to process collections of data - This will allow you to extract the values from each response. ( )

    2. The next step depends on how you want to consume this data. One option is to use Create a text string and use the values from Loop for each. ( )

    I have attached screenshots of an example of a workflow design that will extract the Responder and their corresponding Comment. The next image is of how the text string will print.

    If you have any further questions around this scenario, or anything else in NWC, please reach out to me directly - ( )


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