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Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Jun 27, 2023

Change version settings option & add customization to publishing form so global admin can manage data against workflows in tenant

Version Comments:

Can we please have three options to require version comments please? We only want to make this required when publishing to production.

  • On save

  • On publishing to development

  • On publishing to production

Publishing to Production

Can we please have the ability to set rules, create custom fields for the publishing box that pops up when designers publish workflows? Since we cannot rename workflows at the moment, we struggle with telling Designers to rename their workflows and deleting the originals. We require naming conventions to better understand which workflows belong to which business in our company. We can't make tags required, and even if we did who knows if they would be properly used to index our workflows and inventory them. In addition, Designers loose version history when we ask them to rename their workflows to maintain our internal guidelines for using this application.


  • Workflow name must start with "GSUS - " or "Corporate - " etc.

  • Workflow description is required

  • Business owner requires a minimum of 1

  • Version comments required on assigned user = production

In a perfect world, we'd be able to add custom customer fields and wouldn't have to require naming conventions to be specific the way we are pivoting. We could create custom choice fields for example that are required on production workflows.

For example, we could require they pick a business unit and department etc. This would be required before publishing to production for us.

We can later pull all production workflows that support, for example, our legal teams across all business units. Hope that makes sense.

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