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Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on May 10, 2023

Ability to add files to task forms that are passed throughout workflow

For some of our automation, without delegation enabled, we have no issues. But when delegation is enabled on a workflow, we can't pass files as intended for a simple approval or review process of documents etc. For example, nobody can identify who a delegated task owner will be up front. It's an unknown variable. Most of our automation has a level of item level security associated back to the list items or files in a library for security measures that we have to ensure is enabled so other users who aren't privy to the information or files have access to them. So, for example, one list item would be provisioned to only grant access to that list item to the created by user, approver, reviewer and let's say two groups belonging to the SharePoint site. Nobody else would have access to the list item. Because of this, the delegated owner can't view files we pass to a task form if they don't have permissions to that we already provisioned before they were delegated the task.

This is also an issue for tasks that go out externally. We can't provide documents to these users securely.

We have tried several workarounds in sharing files in task forms but all roads lead back to the output has to be a URL to display on task form for task owners to open and see files.


  • Outlook Restrictions: File limitations for outlook restrict us from attaching files directly to email for tasks, workflows will fail if file attachments added throughout the process exceed the limit collectively. There may only be 1 attachment in the beginning for example, but then 3 more are added throughout the process through task forms and added to the collection of files. This collection of files can be added as file attachment to emails and task emails that go out, but the workflow will fail if the collection of files are too large.

  • Document Repository Method: We created a document library and only created a "My Items" view in the library for users to essentially "drop" documents off and select them on a Nintex Form for Office 365, using a lookup control. We set permissions to all users in company with READ permissions but they can only see the files if they are given a link - hints adding links to the task forms. They can't browse all files in library since the view restricted files that only belonged to them.

    • This workaround was a viable workaround until Microsoft's release earlier this week of applied filters. Now all users who have access to a list or library can clear filters of any view established with filters by a full control owner - huge issue! We can't use this concept now for security concerns, we can't allow users to clear a "My Items" filter and see all files in a library. That is just not sustainable and we'd be in non-compliance with our security policies.

We need ability to add files for "download" on a task form that doesn't need the URL for the origin of the document. That way any task owner can view the documents if they are assigned a task. If they are assigned a task, it's implied they are privy to the information being sent to them. Regardless of the permissions of the file(s) themselves from where they originated from (sharepoint or onedrive etc.)

  • Attach files
  • Brandi Woodson
    Mar 7, 2024

    Please merge this idea with

  • Unknown Unknown
    Oct 12, 2023

    I have this need as well. We have the form users attach files for review in the approval process. There is no way to have the task user view those files without having to save them to a storage location. Since those files are available throughout the workflow, they would be available on the task form as well.

  • Brandi Woodson
    May 12, 2023

    Related Idea that could also be resolved if files are added to tasks: