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Status Under Review
Categories Form Designer
Created by Brady
Created on Sep 13, 2023

On Form - New Query JSON Function

There have been multiple times where we utilize external data to bring data into a form, and then have to use complex formulas/functions to pull the actual data we want out of the external data that was returned. Typically, this involves multiple uses of regular expression that end up making a difficult formula to understand.

It would be incredibly useful to us if we had a new function within Forms that would behave identically to the Query JSON action that's available within the actual workflow. This would allow us to pull the targeted data out using a standardized JSON path, instead of developing needlessly complex formulas to accomplish the same task.

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  • Jordan Maynor
    Apr 18, 2024

    Agreed, this would be very useful to have. Many instances we're working with JSON data. Being able to do the same thing directly on the form that can be done in the workflow with the Query JSON action would simplify a number of setups we have.

  • Nick Nepper
    Nov 14, 2023

    With the addition of Multi-Choice Control DSV support, I'd like to propose a similar action for querying/filtering collections. Like query JSON, it would allow us to have more control over the content displayed in a DSV dropdown.