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Nintex Automation On-Prem (formerly K2 Five)

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List View Navigation to Last Page

The list view has double arrows to navigate back to the first page. There should also be double arrows to navigate to the last page.
Shelly Cox 6 months ago in SmartForms 1

"Update Password" option in Setup Manager

Currently, in order to update the K2 service account password you must choose the "Configure" option. "Configure" touches many parts of K2 that are unnecessary for a password change and can unintentionally alter various environment settings. Addit...
EmilyK 12 months ago in Other 0

Legacy Theme Twilight Issue

Legacy theme twilight issue after upgrading from K2 5.3 to K2 5.5 The enabled button similar colour as the disabled drop down or picker. Please bring back the previous colour scheme.
Guest 10 months ago in SmartForms 1

Hide the unnecessary security labels

Some K2 native security labels are not useful, it is better to have the ability to hide these labels.
Guest 4 months ago in Integration 0

See Entire Line Label in Viewflow

K2 Five (5.5) Viewflow cuts off the label text of line. There is no way to see the entire text. Activities allow you to hover and see more text. Please provide a way to see all the text entered on the line label.
Guest 7 months ago in Workflow 0

On Deleting a Form/View the Are you sure message should give form/view name

On Deleting a Form/View the Are you sure message should give form/view name
Guest 11 months ago in SmartForms 0

Mobile biometric login

Would be great if K2 Mobile App can login via biometric.
Guest 8 months ago in Mobile 0

Install fix packs - Check for all permissions

The Setup manager frequently starts and does not check whether install user has necessary permissions on the K2 database. This is checked subsequently but by that time some updates may have been made leaving the product in an unstable state. The S...
Vikas Agnihotri 9 months ago in Other 0

Repeater Grid Control

display for x =1 to n Items where item contains (controls )
Guest over 1 year ago in SmartForms 0 Under Review

Settings to disable form refresh when swipe up the screen

If a user swipe up and if he reach the top of the screen and swipe up again the whole form refreshing and all entered values are lost. Please add a settings to disable the form resfresh.
Guest over 1 year ago in Mobile 0