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Ability to log to the workflow execution history

Have the ability to specify custom values or data to log in the workflow execution history.
Guest over 7 years ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Runtime 0 Completed

Task or Workflow related API

REST API to get list of My Task, get task, update task, approve task, reject task, task actions, etc.

Help with example

We should start to include example(s) for each workflow action's help content in the Nintex Workflow Cloud help file. I found most of the time referring to a help content for an action, I have no idea how it is configured without the help with exa...

Name action

Custom naming an Action, to each the reading of workflow design.

Ability to group actions

Capability to group multiple actions into one, collapse/expand group of actions in workflow designer view, to make the design of big workflow easy to read

Print workflow design or save as an image file

Capability to save workflow design as JPG, PNG, etc. or print the workflow design

Concatenate collection items

Collection operation to concatenate all items by specifying the collection variable, eliminator, output text variable. a Collection with items of "One":"Two":"3", to be concatenated and output as a string variable as "One,Two,3" if comma is the e...

Compare if two collections are equals

Compare if collection of ["One","Two","3"] has same items of collection ["Two","3","One"]

Dictionary variable

Dictionary variable to hold paired value such as e.g. 1 = 1:"One", 2:"Two", 3:"Three" e.g. 2 = key1:[1:2:3:4:5], key2:[2:3:4:5:6] e.g. 3 = key1:value1, key2:value2, key3:value3 etc.

Change workflow stage based on a variable value

We are allowed to set the value of the "Change Stage" to a stage that is defined or from the defined stages. I am looking for the capability to be able to change to stage according to a value of a variable. This is useful as I can then have a com...
Guest over 7 years ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Runtime 1 Completed