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Status Not Planned
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Dan Stoll
Created on Nov 23, 2017

The ability to open and close a Azure VPN tunnel

Using something like and other similar services.

Being able to securely connect to On-Premise data thru an on-demand VPN tunnel would provide a cost effective way to connect to this data rather than having to establish an always on VPN tunnel
    Sep 7, 2022
    With the recent updates to Nintex Gateway, we believe that we have a scenario in which this VPN tunnel is no longer needed.

    Please feel free to reach out if we did not understand the requirement properly.
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  • Kate Huynh
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thanks for the suggestion!

    So I have a clearer understanding of what you're looking for, what is the final system that you are trying to call through to?
  • Dan Stoll
    Sep 7, 2022
    The idea was to be able to call a VPN as part of a workflow, EG Action Set VPN. Inside the VPN action set once the VPN has been established, a SQL action / Web service etc coul dbe used to talk to an on-prem system. The data could be stored to variables and the VPN can be closed.