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Ability to select values from the Picklist when pressing "E", not edit the record.

Problem: When I press "E" / Currently, what I see: the Lightning Edit modal popup opens for the record. Proposed solution: As a Skuid builder, I need the ability to select values from the Picklist when pressing "E", not edit the record. FD: 13239 ...
Remon Samuel about 6 hours ago in Skuid / SFX 0

Synchronise Draft forms between Nintex Mobile App and Browser Dashboard to edit them in both

It would be very helpful to have the option to start a form submission and keep the draft in the Nintex Mobile App and then finish it later in the regular Dashboard via the browser. This is especially helpful for people who work outside the office...

Group name in process name

Would be great to add automatically path do process name. e.g. [Group]-[Subgroup]-[Process name]
Pawel Stolarczyk about 7 hours ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / Improvement Management 0

Support SMTP with MFA security

Support SMTP integration with MFA security for external services

Ability to create underscore blanks on forms

When replicating existing paper or .pdf forms in NAC, I will sometimes need to create fill-in type blanks that are underscores rather than full boxes in order to match the original form. I believe that, along with the borders or no borders options...

Go To Activity functions incorrectly in a Merge step

If a Go To Activity is performed on a workflow after it passes a Merge step , when it reaches the Merge step again it does not continue if the other path(s) have previously been completed. When running an instance of this Workflow, and you're usin...
Nicolaas Swart 5 days ago in Nintex Automation On-Prem (formerly K2 Five) / Workflow 0

Ability to Sort workflow variables

It would be quite useful to sort the view of workflow variables either by datatype or alphabetical order. Currently, when you have more variables it gets hard to scroll through and find.

Dashboard or similar feature to show active users' count over a date range

Though we have 'Audit Report' feature under Management but it only shows the count of active users at the instant when the is run. There is no feature to know how many users logged in over a date range. Information under 'Last Access Date' is also...
Guest 6 days ago in K2 Cloud / Management 0

Ability to delete Instance Start Data

Currently NAC allows purging of workflow instance as a whole at workflow level. We want a way to purge (delete) Instance Start Data but still keep the Instance activities data. This allows a way to delete any business data to be stored in NAC for ...

Ability to increase the maximum limit for document review frequency

We have made a decision as a business to review images and videos at the time of reviewing a process. We have several thousand images and videos attached to processes and the process of manually reviewing the images and videos separate to the proc...
Unknown Unknown 7 days ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / Documents 0