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Mobile Access

There is a large need to be able to consume process information on a mobile device while away from a desktop - example: in a factory or plant, maintenance in the field, sales on the road, etc. This could be through an app for Promapp or a respons...
Jen Miller about 4 years ago in General 8 Completed

Drag and drop images

The posibility to add images or documents by draggind them
Guest 3 months ago in General 0 Open for voting

Add the note and task functionality onto Conditions and Decisions

Sometimes, you just want to add some things to think about when making a decision, or add a bit of detail. These types of activities don't allow that, at present.
Guest 6 months ago in General 0 Open for voting

Include ability to do text formatting within tasks and notes (text editor)

This request has come up time and time again and pertains to procedure view rather than map view. There are times we'd like to call special attention to viewer to some section(s) and currently it's quite challenging.
Guest almost 4 years ago in General 8 Not Planned

Indicate when a note or task exists within activity step

Ability to visually allow the reader to know that there is further detail under an activity like a task or note. Either by color of activity or some marker. Users do not inherently know to review the dialog box or procedure and may miss key inform...
Meghan Blue over 1 year ago in General 1 Open for voting

Give Priority Rating to Process

Whilst we can override the review date of processes, it would be beneficial if we could show a priority rating for a process at a glance. We have to use the matrix to work out the prioritisation criteria of a process (low, medium or high) so why n...
Alison 29 days ago in General 0 Open for voting

Case sensitive glossary

It would be good to have a Glossary that is case sensitive. Currently IT (Information Technology) is being tagged every time we use the word 'it'.
Guest about 3 years ago in General 5 Not Planned

Remove Contact Support

Allow me to hide the Contact Support under the Help menu. I don't want the general user contacting Nintex Support. Many times they are asking a question about a process that Nintex can't answer or they are reporting an issue that should be vetted ...
Anne about 1 year ago in General 2 Open for voting

Reporting / API for Process Approval / Publish Dates (Change Log)

Currently, dates for approval submission, approval and publish are only visible in the individual process change logs. It would be beneficial to have a report on Process submission, approval and publish dates (better if included in API). This woul...
Unknown Unknown 4 months ago in General 0 Open for voting

Ability to add Process Group as a Favourite

Being able to add a Process Group as a favourite would make working much more efficient as I wouldn't have to constantly navigate through specific pathways to get to the process group I am working in.
Guest over 3 years ago in General 2 Completed