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Forms for Office 365

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Add "Action when no filter applied" for to Responsive Designer

For cascading lookups I want the option to filter if a value is selected. Right now in Responsive Designer it's always filter or never filter. I need a conditional filter. Like "Action when no filter applied" "Display all Values"
Guest over 1 year ago in Formulas 0 Open for voting

Where did all the functionality go?

I can't migrate any of my forms and workflows because the functionality doesn't exist in the "new" SPO world? So it's not just that I have to rebuild them but I have to redesign them as well? Example: where did "previous value" workflow trigger op...
Guest about 1 year ago in Designer 0 Not Planned

Nintext forms support on both mobile apps SharePoint and Teams

We raised a support case to Nintex informing that opening a form from the mobile SharePoint application (official) and also from the mobile Teams application (official), it was not working from certain phones (IOS).We got as an answer from the Nin...
Guest about 1 year ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Date and Number fields should respect users personal regional settings

Currently Nintex Forms do not respect the users personal regional settings defined in their Sharepoint user profile for date and number fields. Nintex Forms are using the Sharepoint site collections regional settings. This results in different dat...
Guest about 1 year ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Term Store Label will not pull in MMD item

User enters knows label & that does not pull in option as expected at Cloud *works onPrem but not at Cloud *Nintex engineer tested and found same at Nintex Sandbox. *screen shots coming
Guest about 1 year ago in Managed metadata 0

Cannot manually enter date into Date Field - must click thru calendar to choose

Users cannot manually type in a date into the Date Field. They must click thru calendar to find the year & month to select. Many users prefer to type in their own date. Clicking ahead years is cumbersome & allows for mistakes. tks, sue
Guest about 1 year ago in Form Filling Experience 0 Not Planned

Customize Nintex Forms Error Page

Request: The current Nintex Forms error page is vague and confusing to end users. We need to be able to customize the error page with FAQs as well as contact information. Context: Many users attempt to open Nintex forms or Nintex Task Forms on an ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Other 0 Not Planned

Options to select button on Display Form

Can we have option to select buttons like not to show EDIT button in display form ?
Guest over 1 year ago in Form Filling Experience 0 Open for voting

Style Profile Save as Option in K2 Designer

Have the possibility to copy/save as an existing style profile so changes can be made and saved/used as a new one.This comes in handy when you need to apply a new style with minor changes of an existing one.
Guest 7 months ago in Other 0

Use IsMemberofGroup with runtime variable

Currently, we must use static text for the SharePoint group name with the IsMemberOfGroup and can only be used inline. If a SharePoint group is added to a people-picker column, there's no feature to check if the current user is a member of that gr...
Guest 7 months ago in Form Filling Experience 0