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Kryon services - upgrade to .Net Core version 6

Kryon uses .Net Core 3.1. Microsoft will not support this version after 12/13/2022. Microsoft recommends upgrade to .Net Core Version 6. Currently, Nintex Support says an upgrade would cause the RPA Main Service to fail because a coded d...
Guest 4 months ago in Attended bots 1

Bubble designer / multi line textareas / more advanced features in bubble display

In Nintex RPA the current design options for bubbles are very limited. Other software vendors offer some kind of forms designer to place form fields according to the users needs. Also colors/font faces/images can't be chosen as one likes. What is ...
Sascha Steinberg 4 months ago in Attended bots 0

Assistant startup/shutdown event sensor - automatic run after login/before logout

When starting on a freshly started machine Nintex RPA Assistant could help the users to provide a startup feature (like a sensor that runs on startup - some "autostart" feature) For example: User starts the Assistant and the Assistant automaticall...
Sascha Steinberg 4 months ago in Attended bots 0

Bring Tab To Front Function

The current implementation of the window detection in Nintex Kryon RPA does not take into account that a window/website can be open in a hidden tab (tab in the background for example). In an attended scenario we can't simply close all browsers the...
Sascha Steinberg 4 months ago in Attended bots 0

Ability to use variables in a Bubble

Allow the ability to use/reference variables in a Bubble so that more dynamic messaging can be provided to users with an attended bot
Kerrie Boyd 6 months ago in Attended bots 0