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Process Accelerator Gallery

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Systems View for Users in Process Manager

Add a view for general users to access Systems as a view only from the ribbon on the home page. Currently, I don't believe the general user can see the Systems in Process Manager nor the terms that are added to associate a system to a Task or Acti...
Jamie Nenahlo 11 days ago in Nintex Promapp 0

Feature to download the instance results in csv file in Nintex Workflow Cloud or Nintex Analytics

We want to output the instance results in csv file after applying Custom filter. At this moment, we have to scroll down the page and it only displays 30 lines each, so it takes time to display the target instances. It's also troublesome to copy t...
Yukiko Yasuda 5 months ago in Nintex Workflow Cloud 0

Browse Files Option

Today, when running Attended mode, most users need to load files for RPA and browse to file location to find the data file to run. We have tried the Get Files option, but it does not appear to allow you to choose different folders. We feel this is...
Guest 2 months ago in Nintex RPA 0

Allow saving of filtered views of the NWC workflow dashboard

The default view of the workflows in my NWC tenant dashboard is unfiltered, so I see a lot of workflows in various stages of development and testing as well as the ones that are in production. I have created tags to apply as filters and this works...
Bruce Altner 3 months ago in Nintex Workflow Cloud 0

Need action(s) to Get user profile by User ID

We need to get user information with User ID as input. The three actions to get user information do not accept User ID as input. SharePoint Get User Profile only accepts email as input Azure Get user detail only accepts email as input Azure Query ...
Laura Stein 3 months ago in Nintex Workflow Cloud 0

Export Logs

Please provide a way to export audit logs from Nintex Workflow Cloud. Currently there are no monitoring logs available
Guest 5 months ago in Nintex Workflow Cloud 0

Report for Key Words Identified

I'd like a Report option for Key Words identified per process, similar to the report that identifies Systems. This would provide additional insight for tagging. My understanding is that currently the tags for systems and documents are connected on...
Jamie Nenahlo 5 months ago in Nintex Promapp 0

Configuration Default Setting Option for What's Shown on Activities, i.e. Systems in Process Maps

I don't believe there's functionality to set configuration settings to show Systems by default on the map. I know there's Process Timeframes in the Admin/Configuration although would like Systems to have similar settings, meaning to toggle on or o...
Jamie Nenahlo 5 months ago in Nintex Promapp 0

Allow for Drop and Drag to reorder Performance Metrics & Targets

I specifically would like to add Performance Metrics and Targets and then be able to reorder them in the order preferred without having to add them manually in a certain order to show that way in the system. A drop and drag feature similar to acti...
Jamie Nenahlo 6 months ago in Nintex Promapp 0

Prevent redundant data on Repeating Section

We need a validation to prevent redundant data on Repeating Section. For example, we want Column A as the unique one. And if the second value is same as the first, the validation rule will give the warning message.
Kenny Cassandra 6 months ago in Nintex Workflow Cloud 0