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Form Designer

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Add conditions on the else portion of a rule

It would be helpful to add additional conditions on the else portion of a Form Rule. Without this functionality, I have to create several more rules and it doesn't always resolve the condition.
Janet 25 days ago in Form Designer 1 Open for voting

Conditional Dropdown Values

It would be amazing to have built into NAC, conditional dropdown values, meaning that if a certain condition is met, then only select values are available in the dropdown. Currently, the only way to achieve this is utilizing external data and plac...
Shane 29 days ago in Form Designer 0 Open for voting

Make the Address field robust

Nintex Cloud should send out warning emails if the Google Maps API key stops working. It would also be nice if the control's collection had an option for street, region, postal code etc. that is processed (as best as possible) from the description...
Guest about 2 months ago in Form Designer 1 Not Planned

Online Form for a sharepoint list or library form vs 365 forms

Would be nice if we could use start event forms more often, our issue is it's double the work. It's obviously quicker to execute via a start event form in NAC but we can't use it alot. Would be nice because of the delay between new or edit start e...
Brandi Woodson 2 months ago in Form Designer 0

Data Source and External Data seamless updates

Currently, as told by the Nintex engineering team, whenever a data source is updated - for example, if a column is added to a SharePoint list that we have a data source connected with - then it is expected behavior for the update to not push to th...
Shane 3 months ago in Form Designer 1 Open for voting

Add form option to ensure all variables are evaluated before submission

If an external data source is used in a form, it's possible to submit a form before the external data source has been evaluated. This can cause other form variables that rely on the data source to have blank or inaccurate values on submission. If ...
Brady 4 months ago in Form Designer 2 Not Planned

Enable AAD user by Invitation process in People Picker control

Hi Team,adding AAD users using the Invite process as per MSFT : Will not allow users to be searchable in People Picker Control ?!it ...
Majid 4 months ago in Form Designer 0 Open for voting

NAC Start Event Form - Cascading Dropdowns (Data Sources)

Currently there are no options in NAC Start Event Forms for cascading dropdowns (distinct feature in 365 forms) when adding data list lookup controls. We have to replicate this concept by using multiple choice fields which is not ideal for more co...
Brandi Woodson 5 months ago in Form Designer 4 Not Planned

NAC Form - Start Event (Ability to copy data from a previous submitted form)

Need the ability to copy a previously submitted form to avoid re-entering of data for a 8-page form.
Brandi Woodson 5 months ago in Form Designer 1 Open for voting

Ability to insert additional forms within a Workflow or Dynamically fill form fields based on prior selections

It would be nice to have the ability to dynamically populate or show fields or pages based on how certain fields are completed earlier in the start form. It would also be nice if we could place a new "form" within a workflow to gather additional i...
Guest 5 months ago in Form Designer 3 Not Planned