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Dashboard Experience

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Discard Changes Should Not Pop Up If No Changes Were Made

This seems to be a bug that was introduced several months ago. If I open a workflow to look at, but don't make any changes, a dialog pops up asking me if I want to discard changes. This is misleading, since there were no changes. Dialog title: Dis...
Michele Dudzic about 1 month ago in Dashboard Experience 2

Extended data range filters in Nintex Dashboard

Possibility to extend the filter in the Tasks section (in the Dashboard Nintex) to add in addition to the existing filters (past 30, 60, 90 days) also "last year" and the possibility to filter the custom date with a range of 1 year.Even best would...
Guest about 1 month ago in Dashboard Experience 0

Reporting and Filtering Options for Global Admin - Connections and Workflows

We desperately need the ability to have reporting options when needed for the following information in Nintex Automation Cloud: Report or information showing somewhere (connections or workflows under automate) of the # of workflows associated with...
Brandi Woodson 5 months ago in Dashboard Experience 0

Terminate Workflow from My Nintex

Have the ability for Business Owners to terminate a running workflow from the My Nintex console.
Ed Thurber 5 months ago in Dashboard Experience 1 Open for voting

Expose workflow status for only your initiate workflows.

MyNintex dashboard needs the capability to show only the workflows initiated by an individual. Currently you have to be made a business owner to see 'any' workflows in flight, but that means you also see 'all' workflows in flight!
Russ Hancock 5 months ago in Dashboard Experience 0 Open for voting

Custom branding for NWC dashboard

Allow simple branding options for the NWC dashboard. Including changing the Nintex logo to a company logo and applying company colors. This would help business users who are not as familiar with Nintex know they are using a Company approved product
Evan Kalynchuk 6 months ago in Dashboard Experience 2 Open for voting

Emailed task links should link to MyNintex task

Currently, when you assign someone a task and sent them the task url via email, the URL takes the user to a task form only. Which means they don't get access to the "Show form" to see the original form, nor do they see the "delegate" feature. It w...
Drew Johnston 7 months ago in Dashboard Experience 0

Minimize Task history status bar

Hi,When submitting a form in "active tasks", the scale of the form is compromised because of "task history" status bar takes half of the screen area.It will be interesting to see if this window can be minimized completely allowing form to scale up...
Guest 7 months ago in Dashboard Experience 0 Open for voting

Automate Section in NWC - Add "Published by" field for developers for filter options.

Automate section in Cloud - add published by field so we know who created the workflow. Add filters for publish by and edited by. Currently we can only filter by status and start event and tags. This field is made available in the "My Nintex" sect...
Brandi Woodson 10 months ago in Dashboard Experience 1 Completed

Give "Business Owners" the ability to view pending/completed tasks associated with instance in workflow tracking

The option of assigning a business owner against a workflow is great and gives certain users access to view all workflow instances.It would be great if they could also see completed and pending tasks against those instances.
Unknown Unknown about 1 year ago in Dashboard Experience 0 Already Exists