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Add support for file shares to Nintex Gateway

We need the ability to save a file that is part of NAC workflow (eg form file upload control or file output from document generation action) to be saved to an on-premise file share. We can do this with Power Automate and their File System connecto...
Gavin Adams 25 days ago in Connectors 0 Open for voting

Close/Cancel a DocuSign task or Reassign before x time

I 'm working for a customer who needs to send a document for signature, but if the user doesn't sign the document before n days ,they have to send it to another user. I managed to send the signature to another user after n days, but the first task...
Guest 11 days ago in Connectors 0

Include File URL in Item Data for Site Workflow

If you query a library from a site workflow, then use a retrieve item action within a loop, there is no way to get the URL of the files returned. Instead, you have to use a web service call, then query the JSON.
Mark Uden 5 months ago in Connectors 1 Open for voting

Enable action "Nintex Workflow Cloud - Get tasks" to query tasks created by action "Assign a task to multiple users"

The "Get Tasks" action cannot obtain any information about tasks created by "Assign a task to multiple users". Accordingly, there is no way to detect the ongoing tasks from the same workflow or other workflows. Although I implemented the workaroun...
Guest over 1 year ago in Connectors 3 Completed

Exchange Online Send an email ability to handle collection of files as an attachment

Why? Normally the NWC OOB "Send an Email" action is used for handling emails with multiple attachments passed ot the action as a collection of files. But this action has a limitation where the "From" email address - not display name- cannot be cha...
Waseem Henisch 5 months ago in Connectors 0 Open for voting

Ability to retrieve a single object from collection of objects

Some connectors provide us with a collection of objects.The current 'get item from collection' does not support this very well, as you can't return an object from that action. It would be useful to have this as there are now a lot of connectors th...
Guest 9 months ago in Connectors 0 Open for voting

NWC Connector - Get a workflow instance details

Hi, In the native NWC connector ( it would be nice to have the action that allows us to have the details of the instances. The endpoint of the API in ...
Guest 5 months ago in Connectors 0

Azure Active Directory Connector - Query User - Adding additional AD fields

Additional common Azure Active Directory Connector fields need to be pulled in for querying a users by such as Office. We are needing to use the Active Directory Query Users Control to pull emails for staff members based off their Office and Job T...
Guest over 1 year ago in Connectors 1 Under Review

Dataverse Connector

Create a Dataverse Connector. This week I had 3 requests for that to be available. If it does not exist, I will need to recommend other Microsoft tools that have that options.
Guest over 1 year ago in Connectors 0 Open for voting

Allow the Microsoft Excel connector to work with SharePoint online libraries

Currently the NWC Microsoft Excel connector is limited to only work with files stored in OneDrive.This needs to be an enterprise level connector that allows for excel files stored in SharePoint online document libraries.Please extend the capabilit...
Gavin Adams 12 months ago in Connectors 1 Open for voting