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List Lookups do not change the URL when importing to another site

When importing a Form to another site e.g. from Dev to Prod all fields that include a lookup still include the old URL where the Form was exported from. This generates extra effort when you want to use different Sites for Dev and Prod and also gen...
Guest about 1 year ago in Other 0 Not Planned

Add submit button on every page of a multipage form

We use multipage forms to break up long lists into manageable chunks and often different users are responsible for the content in different pages within the form. Users are frustrated that they complete "their" page but then they have to navigate ...
Guest 8 months ago in Other 0

Header section for multipage forms

In a SharePoint list, the browser tab displays "List name - New item" or "List name - Title" when creating or editing a list item. When you publish a NIntex form on the list, the browser tab displays "Nintex Forms for Office O365". If it's not pos...
Guest 8 months ago in Other 0

Dataverse lookup

Add option to lookup data from a dataverse table. Dataverse is a much easier data source to store large data sets of business data than sharepoint, so would make a great addition to have the option of connecting to dataverse data.
Unknown Unknown 4 months ago in Other 0

Multilingual Form Support

To have the ability on multiple languages form support without the need to duplicate the forms. The user selects the preferred language or Nintex detect the current SharePoint default language, the form will automatically translate (based on langu...
Guest 12 months ago in Other 0 Not Planned

Customize Nintex Forms Error Page

Request: The current Nintex Forms error page is vague and confusing to end users. We need to be able to customize the error page with FAQs as well as contact information. Context: Many users attempt to open Nintex forms or Nintex Task Forms on an ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Other 0 Not Planned

Style Profile Save as Option in K2 Designer

Have the possibility to copy/save as an existing style profile so changes can be made and saved/used as a new one.This comes in handy when you need to apply a new style with minor changes of an existing one.
Guest 7 months ago in Other 0

K2 support for Azure Kubernetes services (AKS) architecture

K2 currently does not support Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) architecture. Having K2 deployed using AKS will make the install & Set up of k2 much easier, reliable & scalable. Most of the organizations are modernizing their cloud foot prin...
Guest 6 months ago in Other 0