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Workflow for Office 365

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Workflow Errors

There needs to be some notifcation to the designer or somoene if the workflow errors. When you have multiple workflows across multiple sites a notifcation is helpful in managing your workflows and any issues. This was available in on-prem why has ...
Guest 7 months ago in Designer 43 Completed

Allow to set TrimDuplicates property in the Office 365 Search Query action

By default, O365 Search Query API has the TrimDuplicates property set to true. The Office 365 Search Query workflow action doesn't allow to disable this property.Ref:
Riyaz Mukarram 10 months ago in Workflow for Office 365 0

copy attachment to doc library

Similar to the On-Prem action (Copy to SharePoint ). Being able to copy List attachments to a document library with associated metadata.
Guest 5 months ago in Store / Actions 0

Nintex Workflow and Form for Office 365 to support MS Cloud Apps Security (MCAS)

Required to have Nintex Apps for Office 365 to be compatible when MCAS is enabled.
Elisabeth about 1 year ago in Workflow for Office 365 0

Nintex Sign powered by Adobe Sign multiple signers at one stage

It would be helpful to be able to specify multiple e-mail addresses that can sign at one stage of the Adobe Sign process. For example, you may have 3 people in a group that could sign off on a purchase order, but you only need one of their signatu...
Vili Bogdan over 1 year ago in Workflow for Office 365 0 Not Planned

Un-necessary dialogues

Is it really necessary to display the "We've made some changes since last time..." popup, EVERY time I use the designer? It shows every time I use it, and I'm pretty sure you haven't made changes every time - because the message is the same!!
Guest 12 months ago in Designer 0

Unable to sort variables at Cloud – can sort V2013

Unable to sort variables at Cloud – can sort at V2013 When there are many variables, this feature helps to realign & to assign variables; to keep naming conventions consistent; more effective.*2 attachments: onPrem V. Cloud - wont accept PNG; ...
Guest about 1 year ago in Designer 1

Office 365 Query list error when using variable in max number of results

The workflow errors when a variable is used in the maximum number of results field of the Office 365 Query list action. I tried with an Integer, Number and Text variable but all fail with the same error: "The row limit must be a whole number"
Guest over 1 year ago in Runtime 0 Reported as bug

Color for hyperlink in notification emails

As captioned, we would like to specifies the color of each hyperlinks embedded in the notification emails.
Guest over 1 year ago in Store / Actions 0 Not Planned

Add SharePoint Online as a connector for NWC Document Generation

Please add SharePoint Online as a connector option. The OneDrive option is restrictive since it's tied to an individual account.
Unknown Unknown over 1 year ago in Workflow for Office 365 0 Already Exists