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Workflow for SharePoint

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Error handling option in 'Send notification' as in 'Query LDAP' for example

Why? No notification would be sent and no error would be displayed (only in the uls-logs) that no notification was sent, when for example - a notification should be sent to a sharepoint group - a person in the sharepoint group has a deactivated ad...
Sebastian Reinberg 8 days ago in Workflow Actions 0

Update NWADMIN.exe to map a specific SharePoint database to a Nintex Database

We are SP2016. I am using the NWAdmin AttachDatabase... and the NWAdmin Updatecontentdatabase They look something like this: NWAdmin.exe -o AttachDatabase -servername "SQL4SP16" -databasename "NW2016DB" -integrated NWAdmin.exe -o updatecon...
Guest about 1 month ago in Workflow for SharePoint 0

Add support for Client Certificates for authentication in the 'Call Web Service' action.

When a web service end point requires a client certificate for authentication, a client certificate needs to be specified for use.
Guest 3 months ago in Workflow Actions 1

Long Term Delegation improvement

Make it possible to determine who set a Long Term Delegation rule for a specific user. Also make it possible to delete LTD rules by administrator.
Guest 4 months ago in Workflow for SharePoint 0

Dose Nintex support SharePoint Server zero downtime patching on SP2016 and SP2019?

This question was addressed several times and we are creating this Nintex UserVoice. At the moment our developers have stated that "Zero downtime patching is not supported by Nintex Workflow On-Prem". Please vote for this Feature Request if you...
Vicentiu Nae 7 months ago in Workflow for SharePoint 1

Update Authentication Method for all Connections

As of the moment, the following connections are still using basic authentication, once the basic authentication is disabled then workflows using these actions will no longer be working. Since this is commonly used within our organization, I sugges...
Guest 8 months ago in Workflow for SharePoint 0

Use delegated site.selected permissions when creating an SPO connection

Instead of requiring application level full control permissions to all site collections within a tenant in order to create a connection, please leverage the delegated sites.selected permissions through the site admin to enable the connection.
Guest 8 months ago in Workflow Actions 0

Guide on how to create the Pattern for regular expression

Will be good to have the workflow system guide us on how to form the regular expressions and to show some examples to guide the formulation of the syntax to be inserted to the Pattern box (
Guest 9 months ago in Workflow Actions 0

Add "Reply To" field to action "Send notification"

Companies often doesn't allow to send notifications with random sender address. It would be really helpful to be able to define a "reply to" address, so that recipients can easily reply to the sender of the received notification e-mails. Otherwise...
Guest 11 months ago in Workflow Actions 0

Add Sharepoint date fields to Start Event "SharePoint - Update list item"

Start Events will not let you pick any date fields from a SharePoint List to kick off an event. Power Automate has this feature built in. Nintex requires that I create two additional SharePoint fields for EVERY date field I want to monitor to kick...
David Hofmann 11 months ago in Workflow Actions 0