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Workspace Nintex Mobile
Created by Connor Wilkinson
Created on Apr 8, 2024

Change submit button on Nintex Mobile

After prolonged use of the Nintex Mobile application, we have had repeated issues with duplicate submission being submitted.

We have done internal investigations as well as opening a support ticket with Nintex support (case #00618247) and have found that, when submitting the form in the Nintex Mobile application, the submit button (which is in the app) can be pressed multiple times whilst submitting.

Upon contacting support regarding this issue, they responded with the following: " Regarding the examples that occur within seconds of each other, we have seen this in the past when users click the submit button again while the initial record is still processing. It would appear to the user that the record only submitted once, but in reality, a second submission was sent before the initial one completed."

Is it possible to disable or hide the submit button once it has been pressed? Again, this is not a rule which can be set in the form, as Nintex Mobile has it's own integrated submit button when viewing and submitting forms.

Kindest Regards,


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