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Status Open for voting
Categories Other
Created by Guest
Created on May 30, 2023

Add an assistent (guide me modus of Kryon) to a web application

Our own cloud bases software has 200k+ users. It would be great if customers could use an assistent (guide me / walk me functionality).

1) New users would be able to take a tour.

2) Existing users could use the 'guide me mode' like functionality to guide them through (changed) steps of our software.
Also users could be helped to avoid common mistakes by the guide me mode pointing out mistakes are about to be made or simply notify users that they need to be sure of what they fill in/choose in a particular field.

For those who are not familiar with the 'guide me mode', its a way to choose what you would like to do with the underlying (your) software. Next the 'guide me mode' will help you take all the steps correctly, in the correct order (in the best practice way related to your chosen workflow).

It would be great if users can either use this functionality, via:

a) build in functionality of Nintex (Kryon) software being part of our software, or

b) an add on that can be downloaded

c) extension that can be downloaded

Thanks, and I'm very curious what all of you think about this idea!

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