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Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Nico
Created on Apr 5, 2023

Only one instance at the same time

Be able to set up the workflow so that there is only one instance at a time.

For an example of use :

Let's imagine a component workflow that generate an incremental tracking number that must be unique.

If two instances of the component WF are launched at the same time, the same number will be generated.

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  • Nico
    Apr 24, 2023


    • This component is triggered by an other workflow (which is triggered by SharePoint event).

    • The tracking number is somthing like : YYYYAA00000. And it must reset at the begening of the year. (for exemple 2023FA00001,2023FA00002,2023FA00003, 2022FA00056,2022FA0172,2022FA0173,....). This tracking number must be unique and must not contain a numbering hole.

    • There is 4 process that can generate a tacking number. That why I have made a component workflow

    a simple solution would be : To be able to add a parameter to the workflow (parameter not mandatory). If this parameter is activated, during an instance, if there is another instance in execution then an error is raised (or a specific return code) and in the action 'Call a workflow' you can have this return code (and thus being able to carry out a specific treatment)

    An other smart solution would be : To be able to add a parameter to the workflow (parameter not mandatory). If this parameter is activated, the NAC managed a Call Stack (or execution queue) in FIFO mode.


  • Admin
    Kate Huynh
    Apr 14, 2023

    Ni Nicholas,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    So I can understand your scenario better, I have a few questions:

    • What process is triggering this component workflow?

    • How is the tracking number generated? Is it a unix/epoch type of value?

    • Does this process use the tracking number within the same process, or is the number handed over to another process?

    Thanks in advance,

    Kate Huynh