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Status Open for voting
Created by Anna Dolan
Created on Mar 15, 2023

Remove linked processes that I'm an owner of from my 'Processes I'm in list'

We've recently discovered that a process will appear in your 'Processes I'm in' list if you're a process owner of a process that is linked within it. We've even had an example where a process is appearing in someone's 'Processes I'm in' list because the process links to another process that in turn links to another process that they're an owner of (ie they're an owner two processes down stream).

This seems strange considering that being a Process Owner of a process doesn't mean that it will appear in your 'Processes I'm in' list but being a PO of a linked process does. It also means that processes way downstream that you've never touched or will use appear in your list.

It would be great if there was a way to configure the settings so that the only processes that appear in your 'Processes I'm in' list are the ones where your role (or the ALL STAFF role) is assigned to a swimlane.

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  • Catherine Chan
    Nov 20, 2023

    I agree with this suggestion. The current configuration is artificially inflating the "Process I'm In" number for quite a few of our users - and it's leading them to become overwhelmed and desensitised to notifications.