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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 10, 2023

Update NWADMIN.exe to map a specific SharePoint database to a Nintex Database

We are SP2016.

I am using the NWAdmin AttachDatabase... and the NWAdmin Updatecontentdatabase They look something like this:

NWAdmin.exe -o AttachDatabase -servername "SQL4SP16" -databasename "NW2016DB" -integrated

NWAdmin.exe -o updatecontentdatabase -servername "SPSQL" -newservername "SQL4SP16" -databasename "NW2016DB"

These two commands only get me halfway to what is needed (to map the Nintex database to the SP database).

Here is what I get from the two NWAdmin.exe commands:

1) The Nintex database(s) show up on the list of content database in the Nintex Workflow Management>Database Management page ( Central Admin..._admin/Nintex/DatabaseManagement.aspx?src=/_admin/Nintex/Management.aspx) with the SQL server name.

Here is what is NOT defined:

1) The Nintex Administration > Database Management > View database mapping. The page is empty (Ca..._admin/NintexWorkflow/ViewDatabaseMappings.aspx).

2) The Nintex Administration > Database Management > View database mapping. The "Map to Workflow Content Database" fields are blank (_admin/NintexWorkflow/ManageDatabaseMappings.aspx

#2 of the "what is NOT defined" is the problem.

I currently have to manually open the Central Administration, then open Nintex Administration, then click the "Mange" link, then start the manual process of assigning a "Map to Workflow Content Database" for each of the 28 SharePoint databases (and get the mappings correct). I am looking for a command or script that that will do the 28+ step process.

Having an NWADMIN.exe command the does the final step of mapping would be very helpful when restoring our TEST and DR farms with production content.

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