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Status Open for voting
Categories Workflow Designer
Created by Brady
Created on Dec 29, 2022

Allow component workflows to be called by a workflow designer without giving permission to edit the workflow

We have several useful component workflows in our tenant that accomplish various generic tasks.

Some examples being component workflows to:

  • Send an email from our internal email system

  • Download/rename a file to our internal file system

  • Use a regular expression to retrieve a specific file out of a collection

These are workflows that are used throughout various other workflows, so we need to be careful about who is able to edit them. However, we'd like for them to be usable by any designer/developer in our tenant. Unfortunately, if a user doesn't have permissions to edit the component workflow, the component workflow is not available within the "Call a Workflow" action.

Ideally, component workflows could have an additional level of permissions to accomplish the following:

  • Allow specified users to reference the workflow from a "Call a Workflow" action.

  • Not provide permissions to edit the workflow (Though being a Workflow Owner would give this permission)

  • Allow specified users to see instance details of component workflow, only if it was called by a workflow they have permissions to (via Workflow Owner or Business Owner roles).

  • Attach files
  • Sara Muth
    Jun 17, 2024

    We really need this functionality. If multiple people are using the component workflow, it could be disastrous if someone makes a breaking change. Therefore, we’d like to maintain some sort of control.

    Currently, it looks like if we add them as a business owner. They can then see the component workflow in the Call a workflow action, but the start and end variables don’t show up for configuration.