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Status Open for voting
Categories Attended bots
Created by Sascha Steinberg
Created on Nov 9, 2022

Assistant startup/shutdown event sensor - automatic run after login/before logout

When starting on a freshly started machine Nintex RPA Assistant could help the users to provide a startup feature (like a sensor that runs on startup - some "autostart" feature)

For example: User starts the Assistant and the Assistant automatically runs a startup sensor showing an introduction how to use Nintex Assistant. (simply a guide me mode for the Assistant made in the Assistant)

This can also be used to set up the environment for the assistant - opening default Applications/Tools the user needs for the work to be done, showing a reminder for whatever you want, or just setting up some variables the wizards might later use to run processes on.

Another example: Checking whether the Chrome Addon is correctly installed [and active] or not.

Another example: Clearing temporary files / downloaded customer data (Privacy Protection) / Checking database for new entries in an attended scenario / ... etc etc.

In this case you only have to do this once instead of placing checks into each sensor (which is worthless since they won't trigger)/or manually running a wizard and having global variables handle everything.

This should be limited to one sensor for each of the events.

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