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Status Completed
Created by Brandi Woodson
Created on Sep 15, 2022

Custom Redirect URL on Close

We thank Nintex for giving us the redirect on cancel or submit options, but we need still need one for the close option on the form when users are using the form. It defeats the purposes of the other two being redirected if we don't want them landing back into the original list.

We do not plan on using NWC forms, only NWC workflows, unless some features and functionaility in NWC forms changes soon. (missing options to parselookup or lookup all together from other sharepoint lists and a few other issues we have been experiencing that just work better in nintex forms for office 365). Because of this, we desperately need this functionality as we do not want our users knowing where the data on the form being entered is outputting to because of the redirect on close. Is this in development yet since the cancel and submit redirect was rolled out? I'd assume it is, surely other companies are asking for this, no?

The whole reason users requested the redirect on cancel and submit was to avoid redirecting back to the list for some reason or another - the cancel redirect back to the list defeats the whole concept and makes the rollout kind of pointless in my opinion.

Note: Our users sometimes click on close instead of cancel if reviewing an item that already exists that they were provided a LINK to from an email. This is a huge issue for us on new item creations and for when users are viewing an item when given the direct list item link from an email.

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  • Admin
    Sasan Ehdaie
    May 12, 2023

    Thank you Brandi.

  • Brandi Woodson
    May 12, 2023

    This can be changed to "completed". Not sure what release but the close option in browser next to print now mirrors the redirect for cancel button that is configured in form designer.